February 28, 2010


I’ve learned that a good tool in a mother’s coping arsenal is acceptance. I used to see acceptance as quitting, giving up. Now I see that acceptance is a pause, a moment of “I’m taking this off the radar for now, and I will get back to it when conditions are better.” For example, I accept that young Master B is nearly 3 and still drinks milk from a bottle. I accept that he will not use the potty. I accept that Vivian will not eat pureed food even though she has just 4 teeth. I accept that she is as much of a “never napper” as her brother was.

Why am I thinking about acceptance? February 2010 is 28 days long. I posted 11 times. Oh, and I cheated once by back dating a post. Of course, by virtue of Murphy’s Law or the fact that I am a Ford by birth, I initiated the post-a-day challenge; and I am the one who posted the least.

Still, I posted probably 11 more times than I otherwise would have, and I enjoyed reading Apparently’s wry sense of humor and diversity of topics (toasted marshmallows anyone!); Clio Confidential, who always grabs me with her keen insight; I started following On Being Blythe, I dug her Flashback Friday segments; and I saw the revival of Storkbite Stew. Go ladies! Each one of you is an awesome bloggin’ momma. Bertram serenades each of you with a little Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

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melissa said...

Just read your Feb posts. Vivi is so big. I too have accepted that my son will not be potty trained anytime soon. I am so tired. Wish I could write more sense. But I miss you all. Perhaps I should update my blog- aptly named Horrible Correspondent.