January 2, 2011

Resolution 2011: Blog More!

Playground @ NY hall of sciAye carumba. How did it get to be 2011 already?

For far too long in my life, January would arrive, and I—Parental Unit #1—would set about on an impossible to-do list: Eat better, exercise more, read more, write more, be more social, more, more, more. One week later, I’d be exhausted and feel like a failure.

Too much, grasshopper.

So I started aiming for one very achievable thing as the focus of my yearly resolution. Last year, I resolved to stop using so many disposable coffee cups. I’d say, I was about 85 percent successful. I’ve yet to find the right re-usable iced coffee container.

This year, I resolve to blog more. I’ll start with a few bits about young Master B. This morning, Parental Unit #2 and I were slogging through grand breakfast preparations. “Grand” for us is anything beyond toast or cereal. In this case, Parental Unit #2 was rocking the iron skillet frying up leftover Christmas ham and eggs. I was on coffee duty. Young Master B kept nagging me for pretzels. After the third no to his request, I explained, “You need growing food for breakfast. Pretzels aren’t growing food. You need something substantial for breakfast. Get it, you are breaking the food fast.”

“I don’t want to break the fast. I want to break the slow, Mommy.”

This exchange is typical, contradictory Bertram. If it’s time for breakfast. He’ll say that he wants lunch. When you offer “lunch,” he says, “no I want dinner!”

You offer dinner and he wants breakfast. And so on. Preschoolers!

Ahem, but young Master B also has a lovely tenderness. I came home from work early the other day and he ran up to me with his plush, baby blue dinosaur wrapped in a blanket and said, “isn’t he so sweet and cute, Mommy?”

OR in the following rare photo, Bertram pretended he was taking care of our friends’ “baby” Zeke—truthfully, Zeke is more of a toddler, only a few weeks younger than Vivian. Anyway, here he is cradling and rocking his baby Zeke down for a nap.data