June 8, 2010

A Recap at 13

Given the post rate of this blog, the February post-a-day challenge has me covered until 2011. Right? Right?

Oh no, I wouldn’t do that to you gentle readers. So allow me the pleasure of a recap. I will start with the young mistress of the house.

I thought about personals today. Remember those? Before dating sites, there were personal ads in newspapers—you had to convey your essence in just 50 words or less. Here’s Vivian in 22 words: Thirteen month old enjoys farm animals, short walks, shoes, juice from the box and cheese; seeks parental unit for repetitive tasks and fun.

Don’t you want to call her number? Maybe read her the Animals board book for the twenty-first time?

After having two children who are so closely spaced together, the answer to the nature or nurture question in this household is: nature. Parental Unit #2 and I often ask one another, “where did she learn that?” Truly, we’re astonished at her rapid progress.

She walks. Just shy of her first birthday on April 13, she started the freestyle boddler walk, but crawling remained the chosen mode of transportation. Yet, over the last two weeks, she has favored walking over crawling. Now, I would say she is fully bipedal, and looking rather smart in her frilly togs. (I do have little girl dress fever. I regularly solicit my mom buddies for hand-me down dresses with Peter Pan collars, puffy sleeves, and smocking.)

She talks. Around 8 months, she said, “ball.” Compared to young Master B (oops, I said I wasn’t going to do that), she is quite verbal. I don’t know if that is because of the unique being she is or because she is a girl. Every day seems to reveal yet another word she has picked up—hair, bicycle, or Parental Unit #2’s favorite: atomic elephant.

She eats with gusto. Yes, yes, she eats with the usual boddler bachanalia of food . But I just love the way she grunts if she likes the food she has tried. UMMMMMMM. She will also say Yummy, Yummy. For the best foods, for the foods that meet her boddler’s whimsical palette, only UMMMMMM will do.

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haleagar said...

I haven't gotten her to say atomic elephant yet actually. Mr Bert has picked it up though.

Rainbow was one word that seemed to have popped out of no where. Particularly because on one was saying rainbow at the time, she just spotted it and identified it on her own.