February 10, 2010

Aw, Siblings

Bertram, Vivian, and I successfully managed to read a book together, which is to post that both children sat on my lap while I read When Winter Comes (a current fave). Young Master B does not approve when young Miss Vivi grabs at the pages, and usually will quickly push her hand away in a panicked cry of “Vivian!” Tonight, Vivi’s grabby-ness seemed more subdued. So I suggested that Bertram hold Vivian’s hand instead of just pushing her Grabby Girl paw away.

I’ve offered this option previously and it ended up with much squawking by young Miss Vivi because she will put her hands where she likes, thank you very much. Well, lo and behold: success! Brother and sister together in my lap holding hands! I mean that’s the kind of thing that makes you want have a whole gaggle of offspring. The funny thing is that Vivian kept pulling her hand away, so Bert had to tell me, “Vivian’s hand. I want Vivian’s hand.”

And, just to bring a little tear to my eye: Just before I turned out the lights, Bert also insisted on snuggling with Vivian in his big boy bed. Of course, young Miss Vivi took the opportunity to sit up and swat her brother in the face.

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