July 27, 2009

Okay, Little Lady

When Vivian cries, my response is, "okay, little lady." Bertram, my ever-faithful, repeating toddler, says it too, like an echo.

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haleagar said...

And when he feels like he needs more attention, he goes up to Vivi and says, OK little lady time to sleep ... close your eyes, he's very sweet he will sing, and rock her swing (a bit to hard to actually help bring on sleeping in general)

Unfortunately for Mr Danger it does not work, Vivian if tire will sleep on her own, so if she's up she's probably not going to be coaxed; and the attentions of her big brother are hugely entertaining to her, she would not want to miss that.

But I try and give him the attention he is looking for, so I guess it does work out in the end. You've got to reward being sweet.