December 3, 2008

Give the People What They Want*

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And what is it the people want at this time of year? As his parental units, we don’t expect presents, but people keep asking us, "what does young Master B want for Christmas?" Sheez, forget what his holiday wants are, if only I just could figure out what young Master B wants on a moment-to-moment basis. But I digress.

We encourage recycled toys, particularly if your first name rhymes with “pizza.” Yet, if you must spend your hard-earned Washingtons on our dear boy, then here is a list of items I can guarantee you he will enjoy:

A xylophone. A version made by Plan Toys is featured in two alphabet books that young Master B reads almost daily.

An easel. Bertram enjoys drawing with markers and making the letter “O.”

Hot Wheels cars, particularly the ones that you can scoot the wheels backwards and then the car races forward.

Jigsaw puzzles, a favorite toy in rotation right now. He has the Melissa & Doug farm sounds, work tools, and pets puzzles.

A spinning top, the more complex the better.

Wind up toys.

Any type of toy related to his favorite show, Yo Gabba Gabba. His favorite character seems to be Brobee, but I would recommend this.

* Parental Unit 2 has asked that I mention that Bertram does not or will he ever use fleece or footie PJs as our apartment is crazy hot in the winter. Young Master B is taking a nap right now with his window open and a fan going. He sometimes wakes up sweating--that's how hot our apartment is. Eeks!


haleagar said...

But no footie pajamas, it's too hot in our apartment.

haleagar said...

well maybe footie, but summer weight, no flannel or fleece.

Katy said...

So I guess those cute Korean-kid "oh my god it's cold" clothes are out huh?