August 15, 2008

Who Loves the Zoo?

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One guess. I give you one guess.

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haleagar said...

Bertram, Rachel and I went to the Bronx Zoo last weekend. We went ahead and became members so I expect we will go some more. The pass is good for all 4 NY Zoo's.
The Bronx Zoo is huge, and impressive, but I think the Central Park Zoo that Bert and Grandma Trica and Grandpa Harry went to a few months ago it better for toddler trips.

Bertram has been doing great with all his words and signs, animals in particular, so we though it was time to head to the Zoo again. Bertram had a great time but he was still frightened of fish bigger than himself, the cow (?) and the Lion when he Roared. Bert was up on my shoulders and started to whine and shake if fear so we rushed off, and he recovered quickly. But thinking back on it I don't recall more than a short two and a half foot fence between the lions grassland and our walkway, just to keep the visitors out not the lions in. I could be wrong since we just rushed off, but I've been told by a friend at work that that is in fact the case. So it could have been very frightening. It has not made him any less gleeful about joining Mom and Dad in a less realistic "Roar" on each page of a book with a lion.

Shortly after this Rachel spotted a Mama Duck and two ducklings attacking a remnant of a soft pretzel on the walkway and we stopped to watch. The ducklings wandered over to within about 6 inches of Bertram standing there watching them and he quietly watched. Ducks are not scary and he was quite a fan.

He was also quite impressed with the Monkeys, and he was thrilled to see that they had balls to play with.