June 29, 2008

Foul Fan Fa Fa

Bertram is really, really into fans. It probably helps that we have a ceiling fan, and five table fans rocking in an effort to stay cool in our apartment this summer. The thing is, he can't say the word fan yet. He points at the spinning wonder and says, "foul." Of course, Hal and I find this funny. We try to break down the word for him with no success, as in the following example:

Parental Units: Fa-ann.
Bert: Fa. Fa. Fa-owl.
Parental Units: Fa-ann. Ann. Nah. Nah.
Bert: Fa. Fa-owl.

We'll be out at a restaurant, and the first thing Bert will notice is the ceiling fan. So he starts pointing and says with great enthusiasm, "foul! foul! foul!"


haleagar said...

Bert is quite a talker, he had a week where he added a new word every day, then he took a break for a couple of weeks where there were no new words, just trying to say the ones he has better.
Mama and Dada are almost never heard now days but favorites are.
and his most recent acquisition "Play"

Cow has fallen out of favor, but the other day when my friends asked what signs he knew I was showing them and did "Cow", which Bertram saw and he cried out Cow, Cow, Cow.
Overall not that useful, but he does have a few useful signs like.

More (which he also uses to tell us he is hungry)
all done (finally he is starting to use this, and he speaks done too)

haleagar said...

Well Dada is back in rotation, Mama a bit too.

Rachel noticed some other new words but the only one that comes to mind right now is Fly. Not as it to fly through the air the bug sort, but luckily this does not mean we have a fly infestation, rather it's what Bertram says when i point to the butterfly in his books. There seem to be no pictures of house flies i his books, so fly will do for butterfly without confusion. Oh and he finally seems to be getting into the books that are just pictures of animals.
For a long time he just had no patience for them.